Music and Writing: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly!

guitar and book

I have always thought music and writing went together like peanut butter and jelly. (Or in my case, Nutella and jelly, on warm bread.) They are both arts and both can inspire the other.

Since childhood, I have always loved music. As I grew, my tastes widened and my appreciation for music in its various forms deepened. I enjoy all sorts of music from classic rock and pop to classical and opera. I have also found music to be a great help with my writing.

Sometimes songs have inspired me to write certain scenes or stories.  With each novel I have worked on, I have had at least one unofficial “soundtrack” — a collection of songs I gather on my laptop and play while I am writing. For my current WIP I have two different soundtracks — one focusing more on the love theme and the other on the darker moments. Sometimes the songs are from the time period I am working in and sometimes they are contemporary songs that resonate with a theme or scene in the story. Other movie scores also make great music for writing.

I frequently take my music along in the car so the spirit of my story remains with me while I am attending to real-world matters, such as driving to work. I really feel that these small actions have proved very successful in motivating me to continue on my project and even given me fresh fiction ideas. Sometimes music even helps alleviate writer’s block. Now if only I could buckle down enough to master an instrument. But that’s going to have to wait until the book is published! 😉

Do you have soundtracks for writing or even for different parts of daily life? Share with me!

Write on!

Author: K. A. Moscatello

I am a longtime writer aiming for publication in the not-too-distant future! I enjoy writing about love in days long past, walking a line between historical fiction and historical romance. Currently working on the second draft of my novel set during the French Revolution. Follow my journey here and on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter: kmoscatello@kmoscatelloauth . Facebook: K.A. Moscatello, Writer

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