Autumn Aspirations

autumn tea cup

Every year around this time, I mourn a little. Mourn the passing of summer and all the fun and beauty it brings.  Up here where the winter lingers deep into the spring and snow often competes with daffodils and cherry blossoms, the summer can’t be long enough for most of us.  Gone are our long days, beach trips, sandals, state fair funnel cakes, and summer berries — and we feel it. Hard.

But Fall also brings its own delights — colorful leaves, apple and pumpkin picking, cornstalk mazes, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. The nights are cool enough for outdoor fires and baking.  It’s the season of the harvest–the time during which we take stock of what has grown outside as well as within and give thanks for it.

I had a lot of big dreams this year. One of those dreams was to finish the second draft of my novel. I had hoped to be done by this time, but things don’t always work the way we would like. I am back on the path, posting here again for whoever might be reading in the hopes of building an audience, and forging ahead with the rewrite. I have about another hundred pages to go before  it’s completed though the work will still be far from done.

I intend to build my social media audience and get more serious in a variety of ventures in my personal existence. Over the coming months, you will begin to see some different posts here about things besides my writing journey. These posts will be inspired by the contents of my book and I hope you will enjoy them. Hopefully, my book will be out within the next six to eight months.

The drapes are closed now on another season (at least on the East Coast) and it’s time to turn within and put my nose to the grindstone indoors. Let’s see if I might bring one of these dreams into being by New Year’s.


Author: K. A. Moscatello

I am a longtime writer aiming for publication in the not-too-distant future! I enjoy writing about love in days long past, walking a line between historical fiction and historical romance. Currently working on the second draft of my novel set during the French Revolution. Follow my journey here and on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter: kmoscatello@kmoscatelloauth . Facebook: K.A. Moscatello, Writer

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