When The Going Gets Tough, Remember Your Passion

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We all know how writing projects begin. You get a rush of inspiration and the words flow like magic from your brain through your fingertips and onto the page. You have been seized and there is no stopping you now or maybe ever.

Then, you hit a terrifying (figurative) brick wall.

Maybe you realized your plot is riddled with holes. Maybe you discovered your protagonist is rather one-dimensional. Maybe your enthusiasm or your very ability to string words together seems to have evaporated. Whatever the reason, you feel as though your inner writer is either dead or comatose. You begin doubting your project as well as yourself and wonder if you should just abandon ship and forget this difficult business of being a writer.

Every writer experiences this at some point. It is an inevitable part of the process. Sometimes it’s a sign of burnout — doing too much, too fast, and you need to take a break to restore yourself and nourish your creativity. And sometimes, it is a symptom of taking things for granted and having lost touch with your passion.

While passion is an unreliable thing that cannot always be counted on, it is the initial spark that lifts a project off the ground. Why else would you devote countless hours of your life to an activity that may bear no financial fruit nor earn you any professional accolades? Your started writing because you loved it, because it seemed indispensable, because you knew it was part of your purpose in life, and if you can revive those feelings, you can usually revive your work.

But how to revive something as irrational and fickle as passion? Ask yourself what you wanted to tell the world when you began writing. Why is this project important to you? Why is the craft of writing important to you? Then, try to recall the exact feelings you had when you were bursting with inspiration and it all seemed so easy. If you can call forth those feelings, you can probably feel your way back to your path.

Author: K. A. Moscatello

I am a longtime writer aiming for publication in the not-too-distant future! I enjoy writing about love in days long past, walking a line between historical fiction and historical romance. Currently working on the second draft of my novel set during the French Revolution. Follow my journey here and on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter: kmoscatello@kmoscatelloauth . Facebook: K.A. Moscatello, Writer

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