Making Peace With My Passion


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For a long time, I was loathe to admit what sort of fiction I was writing. I did not want a lot of people to know that my stories were mostly romantic ones. As I said in my second blog post, not all of these stories had a happy ending, but most did. Yet I felt like most of my creations were shameful fluff and so long as I continued writing about “silly, unnecessary things” such as relationships, I would surely never be taken seriously as a writer. I was, of course, thinking about all of the scathing critiques I had read of anything that falls beneath or close to the romance umbrella, and was fearful of being cast as someone who cannot tell an original, realistic story, someone who will be forever looked down upon by the “literati”. This fear exists among writers of other genres too such as sci-fi and fantasy, also often maligned as nothing more than smelly, literary cheese–despite legions of adoring fans.

Though a bit of my reluctance remains, I am proud to say I have mostly gotten over my hang up. I am not certain that all of my work neatly falls into the category of romance and some of it feels closer to historical fiction, but whatever my writing may be, I have made peace with it. I am what I am, and I write what I write. And I am sure that when I publish my work, someone, somewhere will enjoy it as much as I do.

Are you a secret genre writer? Drop me a comment below!

Author: K. A. Moscatello

I am a longtime writer aiming for publication in the not-too-distant future! I enjoy writing about love in days long past, walking a line between historical fiction and historical romance. Currently working on the second draft of my novel set during the French Revolution. Follow my journey here and on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter: kmoscatello@kmoscatelloauth . Facebook: K.A. Moscatello, Writer

4 thoughts on “Making Peace With My Passion”

  1. Hi! I found your blog through this fb group I just joined, and jeez, we almost had the same dilemma! Actually, I have two blogs before and I just kind of deleted them because the contents are just pure fluff and cheesy, romantic posts. I suddenly realized they weren’t blog-worthy so here I am, starting a new personal blog. Looking forward for more of your posts! ❤

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  2. I am also loath to admit the novels I love most are romance stories in unique settings in time and place with some redeeming value for the good of the soul. According to numbers of sales I am not alone in my choice of such books. I also look for some element of faith tucked into the story.


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